Facts Every Player Should Know About Rio Olympics Games 2016

Rio Olympics games 2016

Summer Olympics 2016 is a major worldwide multiple sports event in the Olympic games tradition. The 2016 Summer Olympics officially well-known as the “XXXI Olympiad Games” and people are calling it “Rio 2016”. The Rio Olympics games 2016 are the biggest sporting event on the planet that will start from 5 August to 21 August 2016 that take place at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are a number of countries participating in different sports. In the Olympic, more than 10,500 athletes from 206 NOCs (National Olympic Committees) included first-time entrants South Sudan and Kosovo going to participate in this mega games. The Rio Olympics 2016 game has 28 Olympic sports with 306 sets of medals that include golf and rugby sevens. These were added by the global Olympic team in 2009. These Olympics sports events will start at 33 venues in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (host city) and in the 5 venues of cities that are São Paulo (Brazil’s biggest city), Brasília (Brazil’s capital), Salvador, Manaus and Belo Horizonte.

Rio Olympics 2016 program features 28 sports

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic program features 28 sports with 306 events and 41 disciplines. The Rio Olympics 2016 sports are Archery, Volleyball, Boxing, Shooting, Football, Tennis, Equestrian, Handball, Aquatics, Judo, Gymnastics, Modern pentathlon, Rowing, Basketball, Athletics, Sailing, Wrestling, Golf, Canoeing, Taekwondo, Field hockey, Rugby sevens, Triathlon, Cycling, Table tennis, Badminton, Fencing and Weightlifting.

Rio Olympics 2016 required essential elements

In addition, these all sports games need essential things like sportswear, sneakers, sports accessories and some other essential things. The sportswear is one of the most important things to take the maximum score in the games, therefore, need to prefer comfortable sportswear for playing in 2016 Rio Summer Olympic. The women who are going to participate in 2016 Rio Olympic they should buy women’s activewear from preferred stores. There are many reputed sportswear brands started to offer Rio Olympic logo theme based sportswear for both men and women that are perfect for this Olympics games.

Recently, Nike launched an exclusive range of Rio Olympics collection sportswear, sneakers to choose for 2016 Rio games beginning in Rio. In addition, “The kit for Rio 2016 will be an entirely new design, to be unveiled in April, and will work in several yet-to-be-launched “innovations” from Adidas, the activewear firm said. McCartney has worked with a number of British athletes to develop the kit, including London 2012 gold medalists Jessica Ennis-Hill, a heptathlon champion, and Laura Trott, a track and road cyclist.”

Many other brands also offer Rio sportswear collection with perfect logo design so players can choose from these brands as well. Typical sport specific outfits include shorts bermuda, T-shirts, tracksuits, polo shirts, sports skirts, tennis shirts, wetsuits (for diving, swimming or surfing), ski suits (for skiing) and leotards (for gymnastics). The sports shoes and another type of sports footwear are going to play an important role in 2016 Rio Olympic. Moreover, need to choose sportswear that is comfortable during sports and motivates players as well.

Detailed information about 2016 Rio Summer Olympic

  • Name of Olympic: Rio 2016
  • City of Olympic: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Stadium of Olympic: Maracana Stadium
  • Opening ceremony of Olympic: 5 August 2016
  • Closing ceremony of Olympic: 21 August 2016
  • Participating country: 191 qualified (Approximate 206 expected)
  • Events: 28 sports with 306 sets of medals
  • Participating Athletes: 8,255 confirmed (Approximate more than 10,500 expected)

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